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Marissa Floro

Los Angeles, CA

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Celeste's real name is Marissa. She has always had an interest in arts, modeling, performance and crafting. Over the years she developed an interest in video gaming and animation. Combining all her favorite interests into one, she created the alias Celeste Orchid to fully personify her interests. Although it is not limited to just costuming. Marissa would still like to expand her horizons to many other activities.
Marissa is friendly and outgoing. Go say hello, and she'll reply 'hi hi'.

Marissa started modeling at the age of 12: working for promotional education videos to national franchises.
At the age of 19 she picked up a sewing machine and things have changed ever since.

Over the years Marissa has modeled for Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Girl Scouts of America and H. Naoto's Hangry and Angry Line. She has also helped other small businesses with modeling and expanding their portfolios.

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