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Alain is a mystery wrapped in an enigma; there are no known records of him before the formation of the Reverse Thieves. The apocryphal story is that Alain was once one of the world's greatest phantom thieves attributed to being the mastermind behind the Windsor Castle affair, the Baley Blood Diamond caper, the 101 Bank Heist, and countless other infamous incidents. The story then follows that in the midst of pulling off his greatest crime he was caught by Kate. Taken in by her beauty and intellect, he turned over a new leaf and co-founded the Reverse Thieves detective agency. His mixed knowledge of anime, manga, video games, science fiction, and role-playing games along side with his more unorthodox detective style lends credence to this story. Whether or not this tale is fact, Alain is now on the side of justice and honor helping solve many a baffling mystery.

He is also part of the Reverse Thieves blog and podcast, which you can check out at as well as on Twitter at @hisuiRT!

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