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Take Away The Ugly

The Poconos, PA

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...I remember where I was, when the Ugly virus started... As I thought to myself while driving away in the 69 Buick. Never knowing where I was going. I recall the memory of the day I last visited Fat Lou and heard the obscure noise being broadcast over the radio. Lou was suspicious that the noises where part of a plan for Aliens to take over the World! He thought that by using this special drum set he could disrupt the radio broadcast and save the planet. ...And then they came for us... Suddenly, a horde of Zombies breaks through the basement door. Tearing Fat Lou apart! Staring helpless, all I could think of was "Where the fuck is this drum set". Before I could react, the Zombies came for me. I was lucky to escape that day. ...Dan and I... We're now on our own to find this drum set, as an evil looking rat rod Buick comes racing towards us. "Where ya headed?" the woman screams over the roar of the exhaust. Dan looks at her and replies; "We're looking for my drum set". The drivers expression changes and say's "Get in! I have someone for you to meet". ...The 8th floor... The rat rod came to a screeching halt. The driver barked "8th floor" immediately peeling off, leaving us in the middle of a once vibrant Time Square, New York City. Standing in front of Premier Studios on 7th Ave, we could hear the roar of a now distant engine stirring all of the Zombies. We quickly found ourselves surrounded and defenseless with flesh eating New Yorkers. Just when it seemed the end was near, a man kicked open the lobby door... ...He had a bass... The man grabbed the bass from his back and began playing. The frequency's that came out were making the Zombies head's explode in all of the surrounding area! It was amazing. He pushed us into the lobby of the building, looked at us both, smiled and said "My names Ray" as the elevator doors open and we shuffled inside. ...Tupac's left n**!... "You know, this is the elevator where Tupac lost his left n**!?" exclaimed Ray! Me and Dan looked at each other and began laughing as the elevator doors opened. Something we hadn't done in a while. Ray led us down a hallway covered in Gold & Platinum records of once great artists. ...The Wizard... At the end of the hall we began hearing a familiar sound coming from the last door. It was Dan's drum set. The doors of a beautiful studio opened and standing before us was Kevin "The Wizard" Giegel. He greeted us with a smile and said "So you're the musicians!". We walked into his lab as the door came slamming shut behind us. ...It all starts here... Surrounded by Zombies, we carry on. Experimenting with the sounds that shall awaken the dead souls. In hopes to Take Away The Ugly!

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