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Ed Paul

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New York

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Ed Paul is a native of Massachusetts but has made New York City his home for 10 years. He began his career as an anime voice actor in 1996, beginning with "Record of Lodoss War" and continuing through such projects as "Here is Greenwood," "Battle Arena Toshinden," "Slayers," "Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer," "Birdy the Mighty," "Hyper Doll," "Ping Pong Club," among others. Most recently, Ed has worked on "Gokudo" and the immensely popular "Now & Then, Here & There."

He has also leant his talents to such popular television anime series as "Pokemon," "Cubix," "Tama and Friends," and, currently, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" In addition to his voice over career, Ed has done nearly every type of stage work imaginable, including musicals, drama, comedy and even stand-up.

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