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Russ Adams is an award winning special effect artist best known for his work on SyFy's hit television series Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge. When he isn't creating props and creatures for films like SLC PUNK 2, SCREAMERS, MONOLITH, and others, he is teaching his craft to a new generation of creature designers at Escape Design FX.

"Not everyone can take time off school or work and make the trip to EDFX for the classes. So for years I've been asked to create a video tutorial or book series for people who want the information. The workshop series is my response.

Its important to me that the book series be affordable. I am a self-taught special effect artist. I grew up during the golden age of practical effects. Unfortunately, the golden age wasn't the information age. There wasn't an Amazon to find the books you needed, only an antiquated card catalog system that was rarely up-to-date. There were schools, but for a poor farm kid in rural Pennsylvania the expense made it a pipe dream. I had to figure it all out on my own. It was an expensive learning process. So I wanted to make sure these books were easily attained...and inexpensive."

When you buy A Workshop with Russ Adams you learn how to build your own tools to for the workshop--sculpting tools, armatures, turntables, and more.

"There is no getting around purchasing materials like plasters, latex, and clay. There is, however, an alternative to purchasing over priced, low quality tools, from a big box store with some artists name stamped on it. Why buy crap when you can build a quality tool yourself? I will show you how. Save your money for raw materials and educational information."

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