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Chris Pope is an internet personality, video game developer, producer, social media professional, podcaster, and business owner. Pope is best known by fans as the SpacePope. Pope first gained internet notability in 2001 when "The Day Report" announced his breaking of the Arcade Pac-Man Turbo world record as recorded by chief scoreboard record keeper Walter Day with Twin Galaxies. In 2008 he launched Tech Jives LLC, a social media and podcast production company. Pope is the creator of multiple live interview-based podcasts, including some of the first to do live interviews with celebrity film and voice actors.

In April 2012, Pope co-founded Guys From Andromeda LLC as an Executive Producer, Programmer and community manager, overseeing their Kickstarter campaign and interacting with fans. Chris played a key role in helping Guys From Andromeda LLC get crowd funding through Kickstarter by taking the reins to generate excitement around the return of the Two Guys From Andromeda. This was in regards to their new game idea SpaceVenture. After the SpaceVenture Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $539,767, he began works with his partners, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (Original creators of the Space Quest series from Sierra On-Line) in making the new game become a reality. Fans of his involvement with Guys From Andromeda also sometimes refer to him as the SpacePope.

In 2015, Pope and Crowe shifted focus on to a portion of SpaceVenture that didn't require as much writing. This was due to Murphy needing some time away from the project for personal reasons. The game sequence features a hero character named Cluck Yegger. The Cluck Yegger sequence of SpaceVenture was planned from the beginning to play a key role in the game. To bring more funding into the project, Crowe and Pope decided to make the Cluck Yegger sequence into a game and release it to the public. The game was named Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of The Poultroid. It was released to Kickstarter backers of SpaceVenture on October 29. 2015, and then was greenlit on Steam and released publicly on November 9, 2015. Pope voice acted in the Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of The Poultroid video game as the Radio Announcer.

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  • AVCon 2017 - July 21-23, 2017 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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