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Take a musical journey from Japan to the Boondocks with EDO BUSHIDO: Substantial, Asheru, & DJ AAROCK

Substantial: A pioneer of the sonic art form of Jazz Hop whose work landed him on MTV, BET & VH1. He has worked on his critically acclaimed debut album To This Union A Sun Was Born with late legendary producer Nujabes.

Asheru: A formative underground Hip Hop artist, educator, and youth activist who was the first hip hop artist to receive the prestigious Peabody Award. He is widely known for writing and performing Judo Flip, the opening theme for the popular TV series "The Boondocks."

DJ AAROCK: A world traveling DJ, producer and illustrator who has shared the stage with numerous international singers and hip hop artists. He produced The Returners EP album for Megaran and Phill Harmonix. This master on the Decks of Steel cuts, chops and mixes his way through various forms of East meets West tracks, taking his listeners on a sonic adventure.

Together they form Edo Bushido, a mind-blowing mixture of Japanese and Afrocentric cultures set to hip hop beats and eastern vibes, proving how close these worlds really are to each other.

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