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Peter Kelamis appears next in the Comedy-Action Movie "Killing Gunther" with Arnold Schwarzenegger directed by Taran Killam opening in Theaters October 20, 2017. As a voice actor, his work is quite prolific; he was the voice of "Goku" in Funimation/Saban's original dub of Dragon Ball Z, and also voiced Goku in Geneon's dub of the Dragon Ball Z movies Dead Zone, The World's Strongest, and The Tree of Might, as well as early episodes of Westwood Media's international dub of the series. He also voiced "Rolf" in Ed, Edd n Eddy and he currently can be heard in Beat Bugs, on Netflix.

Peter Kelamis currently portrays the creepy, mysterious villain, "Yellow Jacket" in the hit Freeform TV Series, "BEYOND". The show premiered on January 2nd, 2017 and was granted an almost immediate Second Season after only 2 weeks on the air. It currently has over 30 MILLION views. Here's what others are saying about "BEYOND" and Peter's performance:

"Peter Kelamis' performance as the man in the yellow jacket is exquisite. While he looks as unassuming as an '70s era Dustin Hoffman, he's easily the most ruthless and fascinating villain of the season. Balancing a family life and professional loyalties, this mysterious character should prove to be a treasure trove of a foil for the show going forward.
If I were to have a major complaint about "Beyond," it's that Yellow Jacket ends up being a more formidable foe than the main villain."
-David Minkus -

"Beyond is the first hit show of 2017. It's just an added bonus that we'll be able to binge-watch the entire season in one sitting."
(*Peter just won a 2017 "Leo Award" for his performance of Yellow Jacket as "Best Supporting Actor" )

Peter Kelamis also appeared as Adam Brody on SGU: Stargate Universe. Some of his other appearances on TV were in NCIS, Eureka, The Outer Limits, Sliders, Stargate SG1, Dead Like Me, Fringe and The X-Files. Other Film appearances include Happy Gilmore, Best in Show and Cabin In The Woods.

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