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A Japanese bilingual singer born in New York, nano began sharing English covers of Japanese songs in 2010 on sites such as YouTube and quickly received a positive response from viewers around the world.

In March, 2012, nano made a professional debut with the release of the first album "nanoir," which ranked 10th in the Daily Oricon Charts on the first day of release.

In 2015, nano's third studio album, "Rock On," was released, which reached fourth on the Oricon Daily Charts, creating a big splash in the J-pop scene.

After debuting in 2013, nano held the first live concert, "Remember You Color," at the Shinkiba Studio Coast, which sold out 2,500 tickets within the first day.

A Zepp Live Tour followed quickly after, and nano has been actively holding concerts both in Japan and internationally.

In 2015, nano's first concert in Germany and Taiwan took place. In 2018, a sold-out concert of 2,800 people was held in San Jose, America, nano's first concert back home.

nano continues to reach beyond borders, connecting people around the world through music.

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