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Tokyo, Japan

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LeChat is one of the Japanese iconic Cosplayers who loves bonny things, items of beauty and horrors.

LeChat has become very popular and caught a great deal of attention due to the frequent appearances of Nico Nico broadcasting official programs. At the same time LeChat has participated in the world wide famous events such as "Comic market" and "Nico Nico Choukaigi" as the Cosplayer.

Regarding the "Comic market" event as mentioned above, LeChat has left incredible achievements in her Goodies sales. Each single time they're all "sold out" just in half a day.

LeChat is also an expert in the animations, games, in addition she is familiar with one of the Japanese popular pop OTAKU cultures called "AKIBA BUNKA" known as Akihabara district's Manga comics', idols', or games' lovers in Tokyo. Therefore as soon as LeChat finds her favorite characters, she makes the costumes and enjoys those cosplays amazingly. Additionally LeChat has experienced the male cosplays wonderfully before many times, so she has not only male fans but also female fans in Japan. Furthermore she has been supported by a lot of fans all over the world.

In August 2015, LeChat acted a judge in the contest at "KARAOKE Cosplayer" known as the world cosplay summit competition.

Moreover LeChat has appeared frequently on the TV Tokyo's broadcasting show called "TOKUSO KEISATSU JAN-Police" known as "JUMP UNDERCOVER MISSION POLICE" as a guest cosplayer. Since then she has been admired and called as "LeChat SAMA" by co-starring idols and actresses. (NOTE: SAMA is acknowledged as the most respectful and polite way to call the person in Japan)

LeChat has showed a great achievement as a voice artist by acting on the animation "YAMISHIBAI" broadcasted by TV Tokyo.

In addition due to her attractive face and figure, LeChat has become the focus of public attention by promoting to the model of the car navigation system "NAVIelite" produced by one of the major companies "Aisin-aw", additionally by promoting to the model of the coloured contact lenses "TeAmo" known as one of the largest name-brand companies. And she is also used as an image model for Toyota Corolla.

Fukuoka's "GA-GARAGE".

As a "HATSUNE MIKU" cosplayer, Since LeChat joined to the band called "HATSUNE KAIDAN" as the vocalist II in August 2014, Lechat has performed the gigs fantastically in not only Japan but also Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Poland.

Moreover LeChat has begun her music career as a solo singer since 2017. In November LeChat performed Two-days gigs at "AFA 2017 @Singapore" stunningly.

In December LeChat was invited to the new year's eve's event called "e-sports" count down event as one of the guests.

The following upcoming events are also significant.

On the 21st March 2018, LeChat is going to release the debut mini album CD "Ash and Irony"

She was invited to "JAPAN EXPO Malaysia 2018" held in Malaysia in July.

LeChat has been appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the popular virtual singer "ALYS" from France.
Collaboration with her and France has started.

She was invited to "Anim 'EST" held in France in Nancy in November and presented a live stage for two days.

LeChat released the first photo book "Adamazein" from Futaba in December.

On February 27, 2019, LeChat released a new mini-album "Nouvelle lune".

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