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Awesomus Prime

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Jacksonville, FL

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Awesomus Prime is the rising star convention DJ who doesn't shy away from entertaining the nerdy masses. With a set dedicated to showcasing remixes from your favorite video games, animes, and cartoons he spices things up with just a dash of chiptune for his geek infused performance. Awesomus has been DJing around the con circuit in the Tri-State area for only a few years but is quickly becoming a fan favorite and it's easy to see why. He brings a highly energetic spirit to every set as he runs around dancing with fans, breaking it down and has been known to headbang the night away. When He's not DJing your socks off, Awesomus also hosts Nerdy Trivia nights and runs a podcast touching on topics from all over the fandom zone. This Mech Warrior DJ is one performance you don't want to miss. You can follow Awesomus Prime on facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud and mixcloud.

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