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Jeff has always wanted to be a superhero. But after several failed attempts using radioactive spiders, cosmic rays, and gamma radiation, he decided to focus on creating geeky shows instead! He's the creator and host of Super Geeked Up and DC Action Hour and the writer/director of superhero comedy series Super Knocked Up.

He loves discussing geeky topics like how he wishes he had spidey-sense, his plans to move to Endor to live with the Ewoks, the amazingness of going to San Diego Comic-Con, how awesome the movie Equilibrium is (gun-kata!), the best places to time travel to, and why the Original Star Wars Trilogy is the greatest thing in the universe!

Some of his other favorite geeky things include Star Trek: TNG and DS9, The Terminator, the Final Fantasy series (especially FFVI and FFVII), Mass Effect, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Harry Potter, Willow, Dragon Age, Into the Badlands, every Jackie Chan and John Woo movie from the 80s and 90s, and Back to the Future!

You'll often find him at Comic Cons moderating panels, performing Super Geeked Up LIVE on stage, and just generally geeking out! He's thrilled to have been given the opportunity to host panels and Super Geeked Up at so many awesome cons, including San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon Con, WonderCon Fan Expo Canada, Emerald City Comicon, and Montreal Comiccon!

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