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Mallorie Rodak is an American voice actor affiliated with FUNimation Entertainment and OkraTron 5000 who has appeared in over 75 anime shows and movies. She was nominated for Breakthrough Voice Actress of the Year in 2014 by Behind the Voice Actors.

Mallorie's best known voices include Yukino (Fairy Tail), Yuki Mori (Star Blazers), Finè (Izetta), High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer), Rosweisse (High School DXD), Orsola (A Certain Magical Index II), Great Sage (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime), Solution Epsilon (Overlord), Utako (Hinamatsuri), and Nebra Silva (Black Clover).

Other notable roles include: Enishida (One Piece), Adrian Andrews (Ace Attorney), Kotoe Kinukawa (Boogiepop), Kyoh Goshoin (Netoge), Minami (Tokyo ESP), Queen (Magical Girl SpecOps Asuka), Shiwahime (Hanebado!), Black Lizard (Rampo Kitan), Miyuki Kujou (Shomin Sample), Yamato Toune (Ultimate Otaku Teacher), Lasithi (Dimension W), and Kinuha (Noragami).

If you didn't catch any of those shows, her other voice acting credits include more than 50 other anime shows and movies, including Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Kino's Journey, Chio's School Road, Garo: Vanishing Line, Assassination Classroom, Noragami, Akiba's Trip The Animation, Seraph of the End, Katana Maidens, KanColle: Kantai Collection, Bikini Warriors, Heavy Object, Selector Spread Wixoss, Riddle Story of Devil, No- Rin, A Centaur's Life, and Keijo!!!!!!!!, among many others.

Outside of the wonderful world of anime, you can hear Mallorie as the voice of Da Ji in the video game Smite, Alicia in the game Dawnstar, or Agatha on the podcast The Dungeon Booth.

You may also know Mallorie's voice from her commercials for Pizza Hut, Jeep, American Heart Association, Metro PCS, and Albertsons, to name a few brands.

Mallorie is represented by Mary Collins Agency for voiceover and on-camera work.

Follow Mallorie at @mall0rie on Twitter and @mmmallorie on Instagram and be sure to request her for your next convention.

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