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Roland Paris

Comic Inker
Baton Rouge, LA

Roland Paris is a professional comic book inker, originally from New Orleans LA. Currently living in Baton Rouge, LA.

Early work included work for Chaos on a Purgatori mini series, then some work for Top Cow on Darkness and City of Heroes. At CrossGen, he was the fill-in inker, so worked on every title that the company put out. Later, he was moved onto Crux, where he inked Steve Epting, then onto Brath, where he inked Andrea DiVito. Since the demise of CrossGen, he has been working for Marvel, mostly. Lots of Spider-Man stuff, quite a bit of X-Men, a great mini series based on Homer's The Odyssey, written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Greg Tocchini. He has also worked on She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, a Black Panther annual� lot's of stuff!

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