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Brent Allison

Associate Professor
University of North Georgia
Athens, GA

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After a childhood partly "wasted" on Mazinger-Z and Hyakujuu-Ou Go-Lion (Tranzor-Z and Voltron in the U.S.), I came into my adolescent years unaware that some of my childhood TV diet came from Japan originally. I spent my undergraduate and Master's degree years at Clemson University studying U.S. and Western European history and financial managment (to get that "real job"), but my graduate school years held different plans.

I thought little of Japanese animation until I finished my M.Ed. and came to the University of Georgia's Department of Social Foundations of Education in 2000 to begin work on a Ph.D. During my first week at UGA, I came across a group of students who showcased the anime that I had (re)familiarized myself with at technology conventions. I joined this club where I kindled a powerful interest in this unique medium of entertainment from Japan.

I currently make my living as an assistant professor at University of North Georgia. Today, I also serve on the editorial board of the anime, manga, and video game-oriented academic journal Mechademia as well as on the editorial board of the Journal of Fandom Studies. I'm also faculty advisor of UNG - Oconee Campus's anime club Anime Anonymous.

Personal Fun Fact: I share the same birthday as Astro Boy - April 7th.

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