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In the summer of 1984 Eddie Frierson began his research on the life and career of one of baseball's greatest pitchers, Christy Mathewson. His in-depth study has involved thousands of travel miles, dozens of interviews and hundreds of uncounted hours in college, library and museum archives.
A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Eddie helped pitch his Hillwood High School baseball team to a State Championship in 1977. He then threw collegiately for the UCLA Bruins. While at UCLA he obtained his degree in Theatre Arts and bypassed a professional baseball career in order to pursue his love for acting. With "MATTY" Frierson combines the best of both worlds.
Eddie has performed on both coasts in dozens of theatrical productions. He received a New England Drama Critic's Award for his portrayal of the dim-witted "Tank" in Steve Kluger's critically acclaimed Boston Red Sox comedy, BULLPEN. MATTY brought more awards. He's been featured in hundreds of television shows, cartoons and many feature films. Perhaps you have heard him as the "voice" of PETCO Pet Stores.
On deck for Frierson is the completion of Christy Mathewson's autobiography -- the one Matty started but never completed. Eddie hopes to have it ready for publication in the near future.

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