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Mandy Bonhomme was born and raised in Pennsylvania and is currently a New York-based actor and occasional animation artist. As an actor, she has primarily done voice-overs for animation, audio books, the Internet and CD-ROMs. She has also performed in Off-Off Broadway plays, films, and studied acting in New York and in Philadelphia. Anime roles Bonhomme has voiced include Mizuki in Jewel BEM Hunter Lime, Jury Arisugawa, Keiko and others in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kagiri in Assemble Insert, Leelince in Garzey's Wing, Tequila in Knights of Ramune, Tasaka and Ayane's Mom in Ayane's High Kick as well as roles in The Ping Pong Club, Boogiepop Phantom and guest roles of Mimi & Nene in the ever popular The Slayers Next.

Blurb: "The voice-actors are recorded separately so if someone hasn't been recorded yet and you have lines with that actor, you're on your own with no sound to react against. I always anticipate seeing the final result to see how it all comes together."

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