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Hello, I'm AvatarFanCM! I'm 17 and I'm infatuated with anime/manga! Not sure what to write now, so I'll wing it.

Likes: Manga, anime, music, (pretty much all forms of art or media), friends and most animals.
I have an affinity for drama or horror movies (the psych kind, not blood/gore type) and fast music.

Dislikes: being ignored, confirmation questions after an answer is given and cats (only them, sorry).
I avoid repetitive or slow music and predictable movies (or anything with a predictable plot). There are enough cliches and rhetoric in the world, yes? I appreciate "classics" but I like trying the "new", hoping that I might find a gem.

Enjoys: Playing sports or games and leisure reading (not school/work reading, NEVER! hhsssss, it burnzes!)

Favorite quote: "Time waits for no man, woman, child, friend, animal, profession, coin, celebrity or circumstance; no one is spared."

Hahaha, well enough fun... for now! ;D





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