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I'm called ichigokurosaki1991!! I'm a Retro Gaming Player/Collector, DDR/ITG/PIU Dancer, & A Pinballer! I'm also an Otaku (Anime/Manga Fan) as well as a Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid Fan! I also attend Anime Conventions in Texas and Louisiana and even also attend Retro Gaming/Pinball Expos as well. I also like to listen to J-Pop/J-Rock music and even some Anime/Video Game Music as well. I also like to travel around U.S.A. and Canada just to look for Retro Arcades/Barcades/Pinball Museums/Pinball Parlors and look for places to play DDR twice a year.

Other Conventions/Events I've attended that's not listed:
Super! BitCon 2017
PAPA World Championships 19
Ann Arbor Pinball Show 2017
Classic Game Fest 2014
Classic Game Fest 2016
Retro World Series Main Event 2016
Houston Arcade Expo 2014
Houston Arcade Expo 2015
Houston Arcade Expo 2017
Houston Arcade Expo 2018


Kingwood, Texas


Nerdy Traveling Wanderer

Hobbies & Interests

Anime, Manga, Video Gaming (Retro & Modern), Collecting Vintage Stuff (Retro Gaming, Vinyl Records, Cassettes, 8-Tracks, Etc.)


ichigokurosaki1991's Next Conventions

San Japan - San Antonio, TX
August 30 - September 1, 2019
Oni-Con - Galveston, TX
November 8-10, 2019
Houston Arcade Expo - Houston, TX
November 15-16, 2019

ichigokurosaki1991's Most Recent Conventions

Anime Matsuri - Houston, TX
June 13-16, 2019
Oni-Con - Galveston, TX
November 9-11, 2018
San Japan - San Antonio, TX
August 31 - September 2, 2018
Retropalooza Houston - Houston, TX
July 28-29, 2018
MomoCon - Atlanta, GA
May 24-27, 2018
Anime Matsuri - Houston, TX
March 30 - April 1, 2018

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