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Hi there! I have loved anime for years, but even still I'm kind of a casual fan, and I tend to be picky. But I absolutely love everything about the convention scene and try to go to as many as I possibly can. My interests also span to music, movies, and other random crap. I love meeting new people too, so don't be afraid to say hi (I'm shy, so I might be, haha)


Houston, TX


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Anime Matsuri - Woodlands, TX
April 6-8, 2012
Oni-Con - Galveston, TX
October 28-30, 2011
Anime Matsuri - Houston, TX
March 18-20, 2011
Anime Matsuri - The Woodlands, TX
April 2-4, 2010
Anime Matsuri - The Woodlands, TX
April 10-12, 2009
Oni-Con - Houston, TX
December 19-21, 2008

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