November 14, 2005

News for Anime USA 2005:

Anime USA announces tickets will be issued for Move concert

From Tom Stidman

According to Anime USA, the convention will be issuing tickets for the Move concert on Friday afternoon due to high demand. The tickets will be free of charge with a Friday or All-Weekend membership. They will be issued at the Information Desk (next to Main Events). A maximum of one ticket will be offered to each member and badges will need to be shown to claim a ticket. There will be a total of 700 tickets issued for both the live concert and the simulcast in Panel 1.

There will be three different time periods to pick up tickets at the Information Desk:
2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
5:30 PM until all tickets are issued

During each time period, there will be a limited block of tickets to be issued. If the block is not sold out during that period, the remaining tickets will be rolled into the next block.

The Move concert is scheduled for 8:30 PM on Friday, November 18, 2005.

Any questions regarding the concert should be sent to: