November 16, 2005

News for Anime USA 2005:

Anime USA issues correction for Move ticket announcement

This is a modification to the previous post announcing the tickets. Tickets will be issued in a single session staring at 4PM, instead of three separate blocks. Tickets will not be issued for the simulcast room.

Due to high demand for the m.o.v.e. concert, we will be issuing tickets for the concert. The tickets will be distributed on Friday afternoon starting at 4PM on the hotel's lower level. From the main lobby go down the spiral staircase and then left past the elevators. The tickets are free of charge with a Friday, Two-Day (Fri-Sat or Fri & Sun), or Weekend membership, one ticket per member. Badges must be shown to claim a ticket and will be punched to indicate a ticket has been claimed.

There will be a total of 600 tickets issued for the live concert. Additional people MAY be allowed in if space permits. There will also be a simulcast to Panels 1 for those who can't get into the concert.

The m.o.v.e concert is scheduled for 8:30 PM on Friday, November 18, 2005. The line for the concert will be indicated that will be marked by a sign.

Any questions regarding the concert should be sent to: