Press Releases

January 8, 2010

News for Animation On Display 2010:

Robotech 25th anniversary celebration starts at AOD in San Francisco

Robotech is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and it will all start in San Francisco this January 30-31 at Animation On Display (AOD), The City's very own Japanese anime and cartoon convention!

Three key figures behind Robotech will be appearing at AOD:

Carl Macek- the creator/producer of Robotech
Tony Oliver- the voice actor of Rick Hunter, the hero and main character
Tommy Yune- Creative Director for the show

Carl, Tommy, and Tony join voice actors Kyle Hebert, David Vincent, and Cristina Vee; "You are a pirate"/Happy Tree Friends writer Ken Pontac; and web comic artists Ian McConville, Matt Boyd, and PMBQ all as guests of honor at this year's AOD.

For more information about AOD in general, please visit Until 1/15, pre-registration for two great days of fun is just $25!