Press Releases

December 16, 2004

News for Anime Overdose 2005:

Anime Overdose confirms Yuriko Fuchizaki and other guests


Miss Yuriko Fuchizaki makes her second trip to the USA for an anime convention. Previously, she was at Anime Overdose 2004 and participated in two different panel sessions as well as an autograph session. Miss Fuchizaki is most well-known for her role of Anthy in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Li Kouran in Sakura Wars, and Loki in Matenai Loki Ragnarok.

Accompanying Miss Fuchizaki from Japan will be Cyberfront Japan producer Saki Nimiya, one of the producers of the Sega Dreamcast, and Wavemaster sound engineer Hirofumi Murasaki. Mr. Murasaki is also the coach of the Nihon Sega football team. At Anime Overdose 2004, both put together two of the event's most popular panels, "Inside Japanese Video Games" and "Introduction to Voice Recording." Come visit their widely popular panels again at the 2005 edition of Anime Overdose.


The foundation of Anime Overdose was created in 1997 as an anime movie reviews group. The first Anime Overdose event was held in 2003, and the first convention was held in March of 2004 at Santa Clara University. Anime Overdose is owned and operated by Synchronous Entertainment, LLC.