Press Releases

February 8, 2010

News for HamaCon 2010:

HamaCon announces two new guests

HAMACON is pleased to announce 2 new guests. Aleathia Burns and Carolann Voltarel are both very talented cosplayers and will be serving as our Cosplay Contest judges. You can check out Aleathia's and Carolann's Bio information under the Artist category on our website

HAMACON is also proud to announce a new partnership with Kids to Love Foundation. HAMACON is sponsoring a charity raffle in which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Kids to Love. Tickets are only $1 each and will be sold throughout the convention. A wide variety of prizes will be given away each day including gift certificates, t-shirts, lanyards and lots of other items. So please give generously to this worthy charity by buying raffle tickets at the charity booth at HAMACON. Kids to Love is a local charity which works with foster children in the Huntsville, Alabama and Tennessee Valley area.

HAMACON is a new convention that celebrates Japanese animation/anime to local fans. It is based in Huntsville, AL and appeals to fandom of northern Alabama and southern Tennessee. Scheduled guests are Tiffany Grant (voice actor), Aaron Pabon (comedian), Asian Drum Organization and Concept Galaxy. Some of the featured events are video game competitions, maid & butler cafe, costume contest, anime viewing room and lots more.