Press Releases

February 9, 2010

News for Shuto Con 2011:

Shuto Con announces The Wasabi Animusical IV: A New Hope

Shuto Con ( would like to announce their headlining event, "The Wasabi Animusical IV: A New Hope"! Conchair Stefanie Shall has been working with Tom Croon from Wasabi Anime (located in Florida) to bring this truly entertaining and spectacular event to Shuto Con 2011, located in Lansing, MI. Those that live in Florida would remember the Animusical from JACON '05-'07, but those that live in the North will be introduced to something unlike anything they've ever seen before!

This event fits in perfectly with Shuto Con's "Interactive Cosplay" focus. Attendees at Shuto Con will be entertained by their favorite Anime and Video Game characters singing and dancing out numbers set to popular Broadway, movie, and music tracks. Unlike a costume contest where people only display their outfits and possibly preform a little fan service, the Animusical will entertain even the most die hard of fans the entire time!

History of the Wasabi Animusical
The Wasabi Animusical is a stage show for anime conventions that combines the elements of cosplay with Broadway and movie musicals. The show premiered at JACON 2005 and was an instant success among Florida's anime fans. The show and its unique concept gained even more of a following on the Internet via YouTube where the videos of the each year's show were posted.

You can learn more about Wasabi Anime and view some of the the wonderful Animusical productions at and

Casting Call
We are currently looking for cosplayers to join the Animusical. Those interested must own at least two costumes from Anime or Video Game titles, must have some sort of acting background, and must be available for weekend rehearsals (which will be posted closer to the convention). If you would like to be a part of Shuto Con history, please check out for audition dates and more information!