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April 6, 2010

News for Geek.Kon 2010:

Geek.Kon announces first round of guests

Madison, WI -- April 6, 2010 -- Geek.Kon is pleased to announce the first round of guests for Geek.Kon 2010 to be voice actor Chris Ayres, writer Bill Bodden, and game designers Matt Forbeck and Aaron Pavao.

Christopher Ayres has been working professionally in theatre, television and film since the age of 6. His work has been seen regionally, nationally and on Broadway. Chris currently works as a voice actor for FUNimation Entertainment and is an A.D.R. Director for Amusement Park Media. His first project with Amusement Park Media was the hit anime musical comedy The Nerima Daikon Brothers. Chris has also directed XENOSAGA: The Animation, Magikano, Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch, and as co-director with Matt Greenfield on The Wallflower.
Chris' voice work includes the roles of Kei Kourono in Gantz, Suitengu in Speed Grapher, Von Kampher in Trinity Blood, Hayashimizu in Full Metal Panic? Fummofu, Nakamaru in Maburaho, Yaminami in Peacemaker, Johnny in One Piece, Sid in Devil May Cry, Koji in Godanner, Kenji Kurata in Diamond Daydreams, and Woogy in Michel. His voice can also be heard in Elfin Lied, Claymore, Tokyo Majin, Ouran High School Host Club, Cannon, Gravion Zwei, Utwararerumono, Coyote Ragtime Show, and Desert Punk, to name a few. Chris can also be heard as Wagram in the new Square Enix Game The Last Remnant. Most recently Chris has been heard as the Covenant Commander and various other roles in HALO: Legends. Aside from voice acting and directing, Chris works as a professional fight director, bringing his workshop "Mock Combat for Coplay" to many conventions, and is also one of the Anime industry voice actors who sings on Voices for Peace. He is very proud to be a part of the "Voices For..." organization.
You can learn more about Chris by visiting his website

Bill Bodden is a wholesale sales rep for Green Ronin Publishing, as well as a freelance writer. He's done writing work for Mongoose Publishing, the Black Library/Games Workshop, Madison Magazine, Fantasy Flight Games, Scrye magazine, Avalanche Press, Knucklebones magazine, Game, Chaosium, Geek Monthly magazine and Green Ronin Publishing. He is currently a game reviewer, Flames and ICv2's quarterly Guide to Games.

Matt Forbeck has worked full-time as a writer and game designer since 1989 with many top companies, including Angry Robot/HarperCollins, Atari, Boom! Studios, Games Workshop, High Voltage Software, IDW, Image Comics, Mattel, Penguin, Playmates Toys, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Ubisoft, and Wizards of the Coast. He has designed board games, collectible card games, roleplaying games, and miniatures games and has written comic books, computer games, magazines, novels, nonfiction, screenplays, and short fiction. His work has been published in over 10 languages. His projects have been nominated for 24 Origins Awards and won 13. He has also won five ENnies. He is a proud member of the Alliterates writers' group, the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, and the International Game Developers Association. He lives in Beloit, Wisconsin, with his wife Ann and their children: Marty, Pat, Nick, Ken, and Helen. Visit for more details about him and his work.

Aaron Pavao started his career in geekery as a child playing D&D with the babysitter, and sold his first game (Live Role-Playing Chess) as a teen. Since then, he has been involved in many aspects of gaming. He has run campaign-style LARPs, designed board, card, and role-playing games, run a game company, and yes, bought games just to read them. His geekiness even extended to his romantic life when he encoded his marriage proposal into a Shadowrun book. His most recent work includes a card game and expansions licensed to Atlas Games and freelance work in over a dozen titles for Catalyst Game Labs.

Geek.Kon 2010 will be held Sept. 3-5 at the Madison Marriott West in the Madison suburb of Middleton, WI.

Following its founding principles, Geek.Kon is dedicated to bringing together all aspects Geekdom under one roof from anime to sci-fi to gaming and more for the benefit of all. In line with this ideology one can expect to find programming, events, and guests to suit a variety of "Geeky" tastes. It is through these means that Geek.Kon strives to give each attendee a great time while also expanding their horizons as to what Geekdom has to offer.

Online preregistration for Geek.Kon 2010 is now open.

Registration rates are as follows:
full weekend preregistration: $25
full weekend at door: $30
Friday at door: $15
Saturday at door: $20
Sunday at door: $15
children age 5 and under: Free with paying adult
children age 6 - 12: $15 with paying adult

To preregister or find more information on guests, events, and other convention aspects visit