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April 29, 2010

News for Ai-Kon 2010:

Ai-Kon 2010 announces final round of guests

WINNIPEG, MB - April 29, 2010 - Ai-Kon is pleased to announce it's final round of guests, Kirby Morrow and Christopher Ayres!

Kirby Morrow is active as a producer, director, and screen actor. He is also quite busy in the voice-over industry. Some of the anime projects that Kirby has worked on include: Inuyasha, Hamtaro, Alienators: Evolution Continues, X-Men: Evolution, NASCAR Racers, Mobile Suit Gundam, Dragonball Z, Vision of Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, and Ranma 1/2.

Kirby trained in theater and developed his vocal skills on the stand-up comedy stages around the world. He began voicing characters in 1997, amidst his flourishing acting career. Kirby is also an award-winning writer and enjoys directing.

Christopher Ayres has been working professionally in theatre, television and film since the age of 6. His work has been seen Regionally, Nationally and on Broadway. He currently works as a voice actor for ADV FILMS and FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT Chris is also an A.D. R. Director for ADV FILMS and AMUSEMENT PARK MEDIA. Most recently he served as director at Amusement Park Media for MERMAID MELODY PITCHI PITCHI PITCH.Some of his roles as a voice actor are Kei Kourono in Gantz, Hayashimizu in Full Metal Panic? and Woogy in Michel. His voice can also be heard in Elfin Lied, Claymore, Ouran High School Host Club, Cannon, Gravion Zwie, Desert Punk, and as Wagram in the new Square Enix Game THE LAST REMNANT. And most recently in HALO: LEGENDS. Chris is also one of the Anime industry voice actors who sings on Voices for Peace. He is very proud to be a part of the "Voices For..." organization.

ABOUT AI-KON: Ai-Kon ( is Manitoba's largest anime convention. An all-ages event, the goal of Ai-Kon is the promotion of Japanese/Asian animation and culture to the public. Started in 2001 by a local anime club, Ai-Kon took a reorganizing hiatus in 2002. It returned in 2003 to become an autonomous event, run by an independent volunteer committee. "Ai" means "love" in Japanese, hence Ai-Kon's slogan "For the Love of Anime".