Press Releases

June 21, 2010

News for OtakuCon 2010:

Guests confirmed for OtakuCon in Spokane, Washington

OtakuCon is about to hold it's second annual anime convention in Spokane, Washington. The convention will be held at Spokane Falls Community College over July 17th to 18th, 2010.

The convention will open at 10am for attendees who did not pre-register and will be paying at the door. Pre-registered attendees get the privilege of being able to arrive at 9am and pick up their registration bags and badges!

The cost for the entire weekend is $15 for pre-registered attendees, and $20 if you wait to pay at the door. Children ages eight, accompanied by an adult, are admitted for free. You can register through the OtakuCon website using Google Checkout.

The local anime convention is supported by volunteers and fans. If you are interested in volunteering at OtakuCon, visit and fill out the volunteer application here: It is also recommended to send an email to their Volunteer Director, Peter Hire:

The confirmed guests for OtakuCon 2010 include anime Voice Actor David Trosko, guest artists from Manga Kissaten and Angela Valenti from 'Girls Don't Read Comics.' There will also be Taiko demonstrations from the Suzaku Taiko Drummers and martial arts demonstrations from the Spokane Kendo Club.

Informative panels, presented by fans and experts, will include 'How To Draw Manga' by New Destiny Productions, a guide to Visual-Kei music and style, J-Rock and J-Pop music and voice actors panels from David Trosko.

Events will include Cosplay Chess, a Maid Cafe, Karaoke, anime theater, tournaments for Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, a Super Smash Brothers Tournament and more.