Press Releases

June 24, 2010

News for DFW Hedgehog Show and Sonicon 2010:

Sonicon announces new guests for 2010

SONICON announces new guests actors Jason Griffith (the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog), Mike Pollock (the voice of Dr Eggman), Pete Capella (the voice o Silver the Hedgehog) from the Sonic the Hedgehog games & Lisa Ortiz (the voice of Amy the Hedgehog) from the Sonic games & SonicX anime series. This year's event will also host a J-rock concert sponsored by Cure Media, USA featuring the J-rock bands Alsdead & Rusika in addition to video game tribute band Descendants of Erdrick from Austin, Texas and J-Pop group Happy!Project who will now also be performing at the 2010 con.

SONICON is an anime and gaming fan convention located in Plano, Texas at the famous Southfork Hotel & Ranch November 5th through the 7th. Pre Reg is $40 before 09/01/10 or $50 @ the door.