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October 12, 2010

News for Zenkaikon 2011:

Zenkaikon announces Interrobang Studios and Onezumi as webcomic guests

VALLEY FORGE, PENNSYLVANIA - October 4, 2010: Zenkaikon has announced its first webcomic guests for its 2011 convention. Guests include Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez of Interrobang Studios, and Onezumi Hartstein and James Harknell of the Onezumi family of websites.

Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez are the primary art and writing team for Interrobang, a comics and art collective which has been producing webcomics, print comics, and games since 2005.

Onezumi Hartstein is the creator of several webcomics, and a strong supporter of the independent comic community. She is the founder of Intervention, an annual webcomic and new media convention.

James Harknell is the webmaster for the Onezumi family of websites, and the primary developer of the Webcomics Central App Service, which provides free iPhone applications to webcomics.

Both Interrobang Studios and Onezumi will be providing a variety of panel programming for Zenkaikon V.

About Interrobang Studios:

Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez are the primary art and writing team for Interrobang Studios, an art collective which publishes original print and online comics as well as a host of free browser games since 2005. Best known for the parody comics It Sucks to be Weegie and Ensign Sue Must Die! (both part of Pot Luck Comics), Interrobang Studios also produces the fantasy genre send-up The Last Mystical Legend of the Fantastic Fantasy Trigger Star, the quirky auto-bio comic I'm My Own Mascot, and the silent, enigmatic Spinks. A curious reader could lose days of their life exploring the nearly bottomless archives at their website, so be forewarned and equip your desk chair with fresh water and some extra Kit Kats for the duration. "Okay, I've written your stupid bio. Now please, can I have my beloved kitty, Mr. Von Binker-Boo, back? You promised if I...h-hey, what's that smell? Binker-Boo?! You ANIMALS!! NOOOOOOO!!"

About Onezumi Hartstein:

Fans say that Onezumi is what would happen if Dirty Harry and Weird Al Yankovic had a daughter that loved to draw. Oni is one of the most active contributors to and supporters of the independent comics scene. She writes and draws Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos: A Lovecraftian Horror Comedy. Her development team made the Webcomics Central App Service, that gives free custom iPhone apps to other webcomics. She also founded an entire webcomics and new media convention. Intervention is a convention for webcomics, fans, and creators who want to learn, have fun, or just geek out. She posts random art, tutorials, and awesomeness in her personal blog Onezumiverse, and blogs about Nerd Culture for in The Adventures of Nerdy Jersey.

About James Harknell:

Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos and Intervention couldn't happen without Harknell. He designed and manages all of Onezumi's websites and prevents her from punching anyone. He created AWSOM PixGallery, an easy to use gallery for artists, and is also a key member of the Webcomics Central App Service development team.

About Zenkaikon:

Since 2006, Zenkaikon has been bringing quality Japanese animation (anime), comics (manga), and popular culture themed events to the Philadelphia area. The convention is staffed completely by volunteers, who want to share their appreciation for these mediums with the Philadelphia region. Zenkaikon features a variety of activities including anime and live action screenings, video and tabletop gaming, special guests, costume competitions, panels, concerts, vendors, and more. Starting as a small one-day event, the convention has grown rapidly to welcome nearly two thousand attendees in 2009. The Zenkaikon staff wishes to thank all the attendees who have supported and helped it grow over the years. They look forward to building an event that will be an integral part of the region's culture for many years to come. For more information on Zenkaikon or to register for the upcoming convention, please visit