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January 26, 2011

News for ShadoCon 2011:

ShadoCon announced for Tampa in November

ShadoCon is coming back to Tampa for its second annual event! November 11-13, 2011, ShadoCon will be coming to the Crowne Plaza. Don't forget to make your wish on 11/11/11. That friday is also Veteran's Day. This means no school or work for most people. We will also be honoring the veterans that day. ShadoCon is an anime, gaming, and comic book convention brought to you by the fans and for the fans.

There will be much to do at this convention - several shows, games, contests, panels, and industry guests. The shows include the Shado Tournament, a tournament-style fight show; the Breakdance Breakdown, a comedy dance show; and the Final Fantasy Ball, a romantic interactive ball. There will be a video gaming room open late into the night, and many gaming contests will be held on top of the other contests throughout the con - cosplay, costume, AMV, and even a talent competition.

Convention attendees will be able to run panels on their own should they choose - video panels, discussion panels, silly and serious alike.

The goal of this convention is to provide a safe and fun environment for fans of anime, video games, and comics to gather and share their love and their pastimes. The convention will be focusing on the fans - because, neither the industries nor any convention out there would survive without the fans. ShadoCon wants to do everything in its power to serve the community.

Special guests announced for ShadoCon.

DJ Shadowfax: Shadowfax's background includes over twenty years in the entertainment industry as everything from camera operator, theater engineer and stage manager to technical writer, walking performer and fire-breather. It was in the early 90's that he got his first chance to DJ, but it wasn't until 2001 that he officially took up the title and, leaving a corporate network and systems engineer position behind, set off in a new direction as a full-time professional entertainer.

aniRAGE: AniRAGE is a Northwest Florida Improv group. They love to delight and excite with their special blend of humor and nonsense. From their smash hit "Whose Line Is It aniRAGE?" performance to their unruly and erratic "Anime XD", to whatever else they come up with off the tops of their wacky heads. They may even let you in on the fun.

Arin Hanson (Egoraptor): Egoraptor is the creator of the award winning "Awesome" series on Newgrounds. After joining in 2001, he submitted his first Flash movie, Metal Gear Awesome, on February 23, 2006. It was an immediate hit, and has been highly influential among video game parodies on Newgrounds. As of Jan 2011, Egoraptor has a total of 60 Flash submissions, which have won a stunning 87 awards. He also has one highly rated audio submission and over twenty pieces of art to his name. His success has also led to a contract with MTV. His quality work and great results have enabled him to begin collaborating with other authors, including HappyHarry, JAZZA, and Afro-Ninja.

Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic): Doug Walker, from is best known for his character The Nostalgia Critic, who reviews bad movies and TV shows from childhood. He also plays the roles of That Guy With The Glasses, who answers the weirdest questions fans can come up with, Chester A. Bum, the hyper active bum who loves every movie ever made, and Dominic, a bar tender who has talked with some of the video game world's biggest stars. He's also noted for having a long standing "rivalry" with The Angry Video Game Nerd. Often his convention appearances end up turning into comedic videos featured on his site, so don't miss your chance to possibly be featured in one.

The convention will be November 11-13, 2011, at the Crowne Plaza in Tampa, Florida - 10221 Princess Palm Ave. Tampa, FL 33610.

The Company -
Shado Conventions, LLC is the company behind the convention. The head of the company is Cris Colina. The website for the convention is - pre-registration will be available shortly, and more information about the convention can be found there.