Press Releases

February 25, 2011

News for Northern Michigan Anime Convention 2011:

NMAC changes venues and announces new events

The Northern Michigan Anime Convention is returning for its fourth year, with a change of venue and new dates. NMACon 2011 will take place at the Great Wolf Lodge of Traverse City, Michigan September 9th through the 11th. In addition to the new venue NMACon will also run around the clock as a 24 hour convention.

Notable Guests this year include:

  • Richard Epcar has done 300 characters and he is well known to Animation, Game and Anime fans starting with the original 'Robotech' playing famous roles as "Batou" in Ghost in the Shell, "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo", and "Myotisomon" from Digimon.
  • Year 200X is a metal band that feature the themes from such major hits as "Mega Man," "Contra," and "Metal Gear."

Other guests include Mike Dellheim of the trading card game "Wagon Webcomic Battles" and Adam Smithee, author and artist of "The Apple of Discorde, and host of The Webcomic Beacon EP podcast.

Many new events as well as classics will be coming to NMA this year.

The cosplay swimsuit contest is an NMACon first. This event will give convention goers the chance to dress in tasteful swimsuits that fits their chosen character and have the chance of being in our first ever cosplay calendar. Registration for the contest will be during the convention.

The Mad Hatters tea party, which is an NMA exclusive, has taken on a life all its own. The Hatter and his crew are back and nothing is stopping the party. Stop in and have some tea, read some manga, join in the games, and laugh as the madness consumes you.

The First ever NMACon AMV contest has arrived! It's free to enter and prizes are going to be handed out at our 2011 convention. Rules and entry can be found at

This year NMA will be having a photo shoot contest for all convention goers. Get your group, a camera, and a costume and see if you can win our prizes. Rules are that they must be taken around our venue, pictures must be non-sexual, and not disturb non-convention goers or venue staff in your shoots.

NMA will also be hosting two dances this year with our change in venue. The first is our techno dance. Glow sticks and thumping bass for all convention goers. The next dance is our masquerade ball. All convention goers my dress in their anime best to dance to classic music and some great anime songs.

The Northern Michigan Anime Convention is sponsored by the Northern Michigan Anime Club of Northwestern Michigan College. The Northern Michigan Anime Club's mission is to promote Japanese visual culture including anime, manga, and video games, through fun and educational activities