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March 8, 2011

News for AnimeNEXT 2011:

AnimeNEXT 2011 welcomes Japanese fashion designers Sixh.

New York, NY and Somerset, NJ - March 4, 2010 - AnimeNEXT, the largest independent, fan based anime convention in the New York metropolitan area, announced today that it is welcoming Japanese Designers Sixh. its 2011 convention. Sixh. is made up of the fashionable duo of IBI and MINT.

Successful Japanese designer Naoto Hirooka has seen success for many years and the mid 2000's started a new project as part of his gothic and lolita fashion line h. NAOTO, "h.ism." In 2007, as a continuing part of the success of h.ism led to Naota's collaboration with the young fashion design duo IBI and MINT and "Sixh. is born. That same year the first fashion line is created by IBI. The line uniting visual-kei artistry with the imagery of popular host and hostess clubs. MINT follows this success up and launches the New Japan Mode Collection featuring a relaxed character, "MINT Neko", and Sixh. flourishes from there.

The fashion designers continued their innovation in the same by expanding from not only a fashion brand but also into a band with the same name. IBI singing vocals and MINT on the bass. They are joined by guitarist NARI. In 2010, Sixh.'s ladies' collection "MelT" debuted and joined the line-up.

This is the first time that the designers will be visiting the East Coast of the United States. Robert Rustay, the Convention Chairman for AnimeNEXT 2011 and Board Member of Universal Animation, the not for profit corporation which owns and operates the convention, said "IBI and MINT and their fashion line are a great addition to the tenth anniversary AnimeNEXT. We are very happy to welcome them to the convention. AnimeNEXT has always tried to innovate and bring new contemporary artists to fans at the convention year after year. AnimeNEXT was among the first anime conventions in the United States to welcome J-Rock bands as guests. Now we are continuing that tradition of innovation in our tenth anniversary year by welcoming IBI and MINT and their fashion line Sixh."

Sixh. will be at the convention and taking part in several panels and discussions over the weekend. AnimeNEXT will also host a model and fashion show featuring the designs of INI and MINT at the New Jersey and New York area convention. Sixh.'s appearance at AnimeNEXT is brought to you through the kind cooperation of JHouse-Rock ENT, h. NAOTO, Universal Animation, Inc. and AnimeNEXT.


About AnimeNEXT
AnimeNEXT is the largest independently organized anime convention in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. AnimeNEXT 2011 will be held at the Garden State Expo Center in Somerset, New Jersey on June 10-12. The convention features Japanese creators of anime and manga, voice actors from anime series, Japanese musical acts, fashion designers, artists, vendors and exhibits, panels, workshops, and gaming. Events all focus on aspects of anime, manga, and Japanese culture. With the popularity of anime and manga growing in the 1990's and 2000's, anime conventions have seen positive growth in their attendance; AnimeNEXT is no exception.

About Universal Animation, Inc.
Universal Animation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation of Anime and Manga in the United States. Founded in 2002 in NYC, Universal Animation is responsible for planning the AnimeNEXT Anime Convention and MangaNEXT Manga Convention, which are held annually in the Tri-state (NY/NJ/CT) area. Universal Animation is an independent organization with no affiliation to any commercial entities. The Board of Directors is composed of professionals in many disparate industries, including Finance, the US Government, Education, and Information Technology.