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March 17, 2011

News for Tora-Con 2011:

Tora-Con 2011 announces final round of guests

ROCHESTER, NY - March 11, 2011 - The RIT Anime Club is excited to announce Tora-Con's Pre-registration badge pick up party as well as at-the-door prices and our final guests for Tora-Con 2011: Chris Cason and returning again this year, Geek Comedy Tour!

For over ten years, Chris Cason has participated in almost every facet of anime production. He has been associated with numerous projects (exclusively for FUNimation Entertainment) in a voice acting, ADR directing, or scriptwriting capacity. Some of his work has been featured on Spike TV, The Independent Film Channel. Chris's best known voice credits include: "Gluttony" in Fullmetal Alchemist, "Tien Shinhan" and "Mr. Popo" in Dragonball Z (and returning as "Mr. Popo" in Dragonball Z Kai), "Holy Roman Empire" in Hetalia Axis Powers, and "Jack the Ripper" in Soul Eater. He can also be heard in: Case Closed, Gunslinger Girl, Basilisk, Ouran High School Host Club, Suzuka, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Black Cat, Darker Than Black, and many others. Some of his ADR directing and assistant ADR directing credits include: DBZ Uncut, Dragonball, Dragonball GT, Yu Yu Hakusho, Negima, Kodocha, Galaxy Railways, Baki the Grappler, School Rumble, Hell Girl, Kaze no Stigma, Bamboo Blade, Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Initial D, and Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations. He has also had the opportunity to be a part of many popular video games. His two favorites were voicing random ghouls and specters for Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and as one of the contributing guitarists in Guitar Hero 3.

The Geek Comedy Tour is an elite squadron of super-dorky comedians ready to tell jokes SO NERDLY, SO AWESOME, SO MIND-BENDINGLY LULZ-WORTHY, that you'll be snorting milk out of EVERY FACE HOLE. (Note: the Tora-Con staff has asked that we stop using the words "FACE HOLE" in our bios. We did not listen.) The Geek Comedy Tour will be returning complete with new material, a killer lineup and an awesome panel.

There will be a badge event pick up for those who have pre-registered for Tora-Con on Friday, April 15 at 7pm at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This is only for people picking up their pre-registration badges; general registration will begin on Saturday morning. For more details visit the official site (

At-door price will be $30 for the entire weekend, $20 for Saturday only, and $15 for Sunday only.

As a reminder, Pre-registration ends March 18th. All pre-registration forms must be post-marked before this date to be considered. On our registration page, we have a complete list of the convention rules and a FAQ that will continue to be updated as Tora-Con 2011 approaches.

ABOUT TORA-CON: Tora-Con was created by the Rochester Institute of Technology Anime Club to provide anime and manga related entertainment to the Rochester area and beyond. The convention is planned and prepared by a dedicated Anime Club E-Board made up of RIT students.

About RIT Anime Club: Founded in the early 1990s, the RIT Anime Club is one of the largest anime clubs in the country with over 150 active members. The purpose of the RIT Anime Club is to enrich the academic environment by stimulating the growth and appreciation of Anime as an art form as well as the awareness and understanding of Japanese Culture. The RIT Anime Club is a not-for-profit organization.

Tora-Con 2011
Date: April 16-17, 2011
Rate: pre-registration $20 at-door weekend $30, at-door Saturday $20, at-door Sunday $15