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April 4, 2011

News for Animaritime 2011:

Animaritime brings anime to New Brunswick libraries

Moncton, NB, April 3, 2011 - Animaritime, the premiere anime and gaming convention in the Maritimes, is proud to share news of a recent donation to New Brunswick's public libraries. Representing over 85 different series and films, Animaritime has donated 110 individual DVDs to the library's collection. These include fan-favourites and classics such as Akira, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach and Cowboy Bebop. The items were donated via Moncton's public library location.

"We're certainly happy to have this chance to work with the New Brunswick Libraries and to contribute to the growth and learning of those who take advantage of the system. We're also very proud to be able to make such a large donation. It is a great chance for us to give back to the Maritime communities after they've supported us over the past eight years."

The DVDs donated are free for library patrons to borrow as they are circulated into the existing collection. Moncton's public library, located in the city's downtown core, is also home to the city's Anime and Manga Club whose members periodically meet to spend time with fellow fans and view anime screenings of the library's material.

The combined value of Animaritime's donation is $2436. As a part of a provincial fund-raising initiative, the New Brunswick Public Library Foundations matches donations from public organizations and businesses within the province making for a combined addition to the library of nearly $5000 in media and funding.

About Animaritime
Animaritime is a volunteer-run convention held annually in New Brunswick. This year's event marks the convention's seventh year and will be held July 1st-3rd. The conventions encompasses a variety of anime and video game related events such as discussion panels, workshops, showings and tournaments. Special events such as a Garage Sale, Plushie Making, an evening dance and a specialized café are fan-favourites as well. Throughout the duration of Animaritime, local vendors offer a variety of merchandise to attendees while Animaritime's Artist Alley allows artists and creators from across the Maritimes to promote their work and sell their creations, a fantastic assortment of talent and skill along with the colourful costumes that many of the attendees wear during their stay.

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