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February 27, 2005

News for Yuri Revolution 2005:

Yuricon announces four special guests for the Yuri Revolution Event in Tokyo

February 27, 2005--New York, New York

Yuricon, a celebration of yuri and shoujoai in anime and manga, is pleased to announce special guests who will be joining us for our historic Yuri Revolution event in Tokyo, Japan, on April 16, 2005!

Novelist and essayist Mori Natsuko - Mori-san is a popular writer of science fiction and had contributed essays to "Anise" magazine. Her most recent essays for "Yuri Shimai," Japan's most recent all-yuri manga magazine have piqued the interest of fans around the world.

Scholar and lecturer Mizoguchi Akiko - Mizoguchi-san has lectured widely on queer identity and yaoi comics, from a uniquely lesbian perspective.

Yuri manga artist Tadeno Eriko - Tadeno-san returns as a special guest to a Yuricon event for the second time and we're thrilled to have her join us once again. Tadeno-san is a well-known yuri mangaka, whose collection "WORKS," was translated into English in 2004 by ALC Publishing.

Yuri manga artist Rica Takashima - Author of the collection "Rica 'tte Kanji!?" Rica Takashima has made a name for herself with her involvement in "Phryne" and "Anise" magazines, and her collection has just gone into a second edition here in the US. It's very exciting to have her helping out on this historic occasion!

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