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June 20, 2011

News for ShadoCon 2011:

ShadoCon 2011 announces Travis Willingham and The Chiptune Showcase

That's right - we have more guests for you to enjoy at ShadoCon! Make sure you check each of these guests out, as they are fabulous.

First, we are pleased to announce that Travis Willingham will be at ShadoCon!

Travis is probably best known as the voice of Colonel Roy Mustang in the hit anime series' FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD. His other anime credits include Juugo/Black Zetsu in NARUTO, Akon in BLEACH, Yu Kanda in D GRAY MAN, Pierre in AQUARION, Badrick Serihan in BLACK BLOOD BROTHERS, Andreas Darlton in CODE GEASS, Iggy in ERGO PROXY, Kaiji in GUNXSWORD, Cleo in GLASS FLEET, Ginko in MUSHISHI, Portgas D. Ace in ONE PIECE, Takigawa in GHOST HUNT, Eustoma in SHUFFLE, and parts in the upcoming releases for MARVEL ANIME. Most recently, Travis provided the CGI Motion Capture for the multitude of Frost Giants in THOR. Other films include SECONDHAND LIONS, RAY, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, PRISON A- GO-GO, THE GUARDIAN, and A PERFECT GETAWAY. He has also worked on CBS' COLD CASE, FX's NIP/TUCK, Fox's PRISON BREAK, and ABC's PRIVATE PRACTICE.
An avid gamer himself, some of Travis' video game credits include CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS, Knuckles the Echidna in SEGA's SONIC THE HEDGEHOG games, Issac Frost in EA's FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION, Ratchet and Hotrod in TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON, Gabriel Cunningham in TRAUMA CENTER 2, American hero Guile in STREET FIGHTER 4, Nathan Hale in RESISTANCE 2, Cell in DRAGONBALL Z, Torgal in THE LAST REMNANT, Clint in TALES OF VESPERIA, Zhang Liao/Zhou Tai in DYNASTY WARRIORS 6, Evan Bernard in TIME CRISIS 4, Gabriel Celeste IN VALKYRIE PROFILE 2: SILMERIA, and many, many more.
Currently, Travis is playing The Hulk and The Human Torch in Marvel's new animated series, THE SUPER HERO SQUAD SHOW on Cartoon Network.

The next guests will form our Chiptune Showcase, a cadre of 8-bit DJs ready to blow your mind!

Neofaust -
By day he's a network security specialist, and by night a mild mannered musically minded mad scientist BENT on twisting old electronic gaming consoles into mangled messes of heavy hitting electronic visages they once were!!! Aside, he has always had a history of performing and producing music. Diversity has always been his aim when it came to it. Hacking, video games, sciences, and an assortment of other hobbies fit somewhere into the mix.
Overall, his main mission is to promote, organize, and spread awareness of the demo and chiptune scene throughout the Florida area.

Trey Frey -
Before three dimensional images, before highly realistic characters, before orchestrated soundtracks, there were 8-bit video games. Graphics were simple, and the music simpler. Now, decades later, 8-bit music has returned, more powerful than ever thanks to Trey Frey, a young man from Shepherdstown, WV, with a modded Gameboy and a skill for taking classic Nintendo sounds and turning them into 8-bit gold.

IAYD (I Am Your Destruction) uses the Nintendo Game Boy and the Nintendo Famicom to smash his way through space and the confines of classical training. For the past four years, IAYD has been playing live across the United States, almost exclusively playing in New York City and cities across Texas (namely Corpus Christi, and Austin). He has since been vicariously living through his handheld arsenal; making loud, powerful, and hard hitting electronic music since 2007.

Also part of the Chiptune Showcase are the bands Electric Children, Smiletron, USK, and NNNNNNNNN.

As a reminder, pre-register early to save. If you pre-register with a group of 10 or more you get an additional 10% discount on all tickets. Everything dealing with pre-registration can be found at our website!

ABOUT ShadoCon: ShadoCon is Florida's Anime, Video Games, and Comics Convention hosted in Tampa, FL. ShadoCon will be taking place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Tampa East on November 11-13, 2011. This year's theme will be Cyberpunk. It all begins on Veteran's Day.

ShadoCon 2011
Theme: Cyberpunk
Date: November 11-13, 2011
Advance Rates: $30 through Apr 8; $33.50 through Jun 14; $36.50 through Aug 20; $40 through Oct 28