Press Releases

June 24, 2005

News for O-ChibiCon 2005:

O-Chibicon announces events for August event

The convention, O-ChibiCon, is scheduled for August 5-7 of 2005 and will be held at the Hampton and Clarion Inn on Sam Houston Parkway in Houston, Texas. A proven team of local well-respected anime fans is organizing the convention. The combined experience of this dedicated team spans several decades.

O-ChibiCon will host celebrity guests including voice actors, artist, musicians, and experts all relating to Japanese animation. Dealers will be in attendance, selling videos, manga, and various anime and non-anime related novelties. This convention will go beyond other anime conventions with many Japanese cultural activities and events. The organizers plan on surprising their guests with interesting and different entertainment in addition to the traditional anime con fare.

The convention will be held in two connecting hotels. The combined resources of these hotels will easily provide adequate room for attendees to roam and participate in many of the scheduled activities. The main ballroom can comfortably accommodate a large crowd. The convention boast true 24hour program with many events starting in the early hours of the morning. O-ChibiCon will feature cosplay, gaming, video rooms, fanart, dancing, panel discussions, and many more events.

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