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January 10, 2006

News for Anime Central 2006:

Anime Central 2006 announces first round of guests

The following is a press release submitted by Anime Central:

Happy New Year, everyone! We're ringing it in by announcing our first round of confirmed guests for ACen 2006. More good stuff is in the works, so keep an eye on our website on the "Guests" section for news as it develops! To start us off this year will be Greg Ayers, Robert & Emily DeJesus, Jeff Nimoy, Chris Patton, and Monica Rial.

Greg Ayers
Greg is a voice actor for ADV and Funimation. We'll have more bio information coming soon!

Robert & Emily DeJesus
Robert DeJesus - Writer, Story Creator, Illustrator, Story Board Artist, and Character Designer
Robert is no stranger to the anime and manga community. An Indiana born, self-taught artist, who got his first art career break when he sent an eight page short story to comic publisher, Antarctic Press in February of 1990. He has drawn manga inspired art for well over 18 years and has been published nearly all over the world. He has worked for many companies like Playstation Magazine, Marvel, Hasbro, and now his most recent work with Harper Collins Publishing, just to name a few.

Emily DeJesus - Writer, Editor, Story Creator and Manager
Robert and Emily met at a convention called Anime Central and haven't been apart since that day. Emily has always enjoyed manga and anime, but never thought it could be her job. Emily has worked with Robert for over 6 years now. She helps write the web comic "How to Loathe Drawing in the Manga Style" and has just finished writing her first children's book. She enjoys the business side of working for Studio Capsule very much and is grateful that she has an opportunity to work in the comics business.

Studio Capsule
Studio Capsule is involved in creating a line of low print run doujinshis, portfolios, animated shorts, and other projects expanding Studio Capsule. Find out everything that's new with either Studio Capsule or Robert and Emily DeJesus at or view more current information on live journal under user 'banzchan'.

Jeff Nimoy
JEFF NIMOY wrote, directed, and served as story editor during the first two seasons of the top rated FOX KIDS show DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS. In addition he wrote and directed the 20th CENTURY FOX animated feature DIGIMON: THE MOVIE, and the TV Movie, DIGIMON: REVENGE OF DIABOROMON. He also served as an Executive Producer and writer on numerous other FOX KIDS shows. Prior to that he was nominated for three EMMY Awards in four years, winning once, for his comedic work as a writer and producer for NFL FILMS PRESENTS on ESPN and FOX. He also wrote the SHOWTIME movie BIG BROTHER TROUBLE, and wrote the animated feature, PECOLA, soon to be released theatrically worldwide. He is currently writing and/or directing the animated series ZATCH BELL, BO-BOBO and, NARUTO for CARTOON NETWORK, and writing on the animated series MEGA MAN, for KIDS WB.

Chris Patton
Chris Patton in is a voice actor for ADV Films and Funimation Entertainment. Credits include: Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist, Sousuke Sagara in Full Metal Panic and FMP: Fumoffu!, Sasame in Pretear, Nishi in Gantz, Narugami in Loki Ragnarok, Manabu in Galaxy Railways, Ayato in Rahxephon, Kai in E's Otherwise, Tomakazu in Yumeria, Komyou Sanzo in Saiyuki, Naozumi in Kodocha, Joshua Christopher in Chrono Crusade, Seishiro Natsume in Princess Nine, Rei Otohata in Super Gals!, Daley Wong in Bubblegum Crisis 2040, and many others. This is Chris's fourth ACEN appearance, and he's VERY stoked to be back!

We are also very happy to announce that Chris's band PLID will be performing at Anime Central 2006. To check out their sound, visit or More details to come - watch this space for information for show time and location.

Monica Rial
Monica Rial is super excited to be attending Anime Central 2006! She has been working in the anime voice over industry for over 6 years. As an actress for ADV and Funimation she has appeared in many anime including: Angelic Layer (Tamayo), Aquarian Age (Yoriko), Burst Angel (Jo), Case Closed (Amy), Chrono Crusade (Fiore), DNAngel (Towa), Elfen Lied (Kanae), Excel Saga (Hyatt), Full Metal Panic (Kyoko), Gantz (Mika), Gasaraki (Miharu), Generator Gawl (Natsume), Ghost Stories (Momoko), Godannar (Mira), Gunslinger Girl (Angelica), Hello Kitty's Animation Theater (Hello Kitty), Kiddy Grade (Lumiere), Kodocha (Aya), Maburaho (Shino), Macross (Misa), Najica (Lila), Noir (Kirika), Peacemaker (Saizo), Princess Nine (Izumi), Rahxephon (Haruka), Spiral (Rio), Steel Angel Kurumi (Saki), SuperMilkchan (Tetsuko), Yumeria (Mizuki), and many, many more! She's written ADR scripts for Madlax, DNAngel, Gatchaman, Kaleido Star, and Full Metal Alchemist. She can currently be seen on the Cartoon Network in Full Metal Alchemist as Lyra/Dante. Make sure to come up and say hello! She'd love to hear from you.