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March 16, 2006

News for Sakura-Con 2006:

Sakura-Con announces new guests of honor and musical guest

Seattle, WA- 3-16-2006 Sakura-Con welcomes Camino as it's Musical Guests of Honor. Camino, a six piece band based out of Tokyo, Japan, is known for combining powerful guitar rifts and electronic melodies. They will be treating lucky Sakura-Con attendees to a concert well worth remembering.
Additionally, Sakura-Con is pleased to announce, manga-ka and Japanese cosplayer extraordinare Ippongi Bang is returning to Sakura-Con and will host some amazing panels on cosplay and drawing for manga.
But wait there is more! David Williams, an accomplished Producer and Director, currently in charge of ADR Direction for ADV Films, will be at Sakura-Con sharing his insight and wisdom from working on near countless numbers of prestigious titles. He has directed Angelic Layer, Pretear, Najica, the original Nuku Nuku OVAs, Dirty Pair, and many others. He has production credits for numerous series including: Noir, Rahxephon, Princess Nine, Sakura-Wars and many many more.

And just to show that last is definitley not least, Sakura-Con is proud to present Jessica Boone all the way from ADV Films in Texas. She is the voice behind such well known characters as Chiyo in Azumanga-Daioh, Arumi in Magical Shopping Arcade, Misaki in Angelic Layer, Azmaria in Chrono Crusade, Rue and Kraehe in Princess Tutu among others.

ANCEA (Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association) is proud to sponsor the ninth annual Sakura-Con March 24th - 26th, 2006 at a new location; the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Downtown Seattle Washington. Sakura-Con is the premiere Pacific Northwest convention devoted to Japanese animation (anime), comics (manga), gaming and traditional East Asian culture. It is the destination event for an expected attendance of over 7500 fans, industry leaders, celebrities, and artists.

Please join us this year for Sakura-Con 2006 as we gather with thousands of enthusiasts to explore the contemporary and traditional cultures of East Asia. See premieres of new shows, play video games, meet the creators behind the art, shop in our amazing exhibits hall, behold many people in outlandish costumes, and dance the night away. For more information please visit our website at

$35 Friday
$35 Saturday
$30 Sunday
$60 for all three days
Children age 6-12 are half-price
Children under 6 are free

ANCEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about Asian popular and traditional culture. They organize several events every year in order to promote this goal. Sakura-Con is the largest of these events.