Press Releases

April 8, 2006

News for Anime Central 2006:

TsuShiMaMiRe announced at Anime Central

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that Anime Central will be welcoming the all-girl Japanese band TsuShiMaMiRe for two performances this year! They are a lot of fun and put on a good show, so make sure you make it to their show and check them out at the convention!

TsuShiMaMiRe was formed in 1999 when Mari (vocals, guitar) Yayoi (bass) and Mizue (drums) were still university students. They are a Japanese all girl trio with a unique style that blends elements of punk, avant garde, free jazz, ska, surf and funk.

The name of the band is actually gibberish - the members created it by combining the words they liked. Categorizing their music style may be difficult - it's a complex and original blend of creativity, cuteness, weirdness, funny and scary. Their world shows the influences they received from Japanese traditional folk songs and mythologies and takes the audience on a trip through the weird-yet entertaining world of TsuShiMaMiRe. All the songs display their savvy skill with the instruments. Each track is full of great guitar riffs, heavy & powerful bass and skillful drum play.

TsuShiMaMiRe's debut album "Pregnant Fantasy" was released in August 2004 in Japan and on November 1st 2005 in USA from BENTEN TOKYO. They have a number of live performances under their belt, including headlining the Suicide GIrls Burlesque Tour and a performance at the world-famous SXSW festival. Having just returned from headlining Japan Nite 2006, the ladies of TsuShiMaMiRe are excited to be making their first convention appearance at Anime Central 2006.

Learn more about them and check out their music before you see their show on their official website or their MySpace.