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April 10, 2006

News for Otakuthon 2006:

Otakuthon announces guest list for 2006

OTAKUTHON, the very first fan-run anime convention to be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is pleased to announce our exciting special guest line-up for its first edition.


Matt Hill is a seasoned veteran in the voice acting business, his voice being heard in over 50 cartoons and anime shows for the past 15 years. He is best known to anime fans as the voice of Kira Yamato in the mega-hit anime series Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED DESTINY. His other major roles also include Kero in Cardcaptor Sakura, Ryo Sanada in Ronin Warriors, Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Arthra Penn in Dragon Booster, and Korey in Being Ian.

We are very honored to have Matt Hill as our first ever Guest of Honor. He will be doing Q & A sessions and will be signing autographs for his fans!


SCOTT RAMSOOMAIR is the creator of the very popular webcomic VG Cats. Litter boxes and videogames together at last? That’s VG Cats: an online comic taking jabs at the videogame industry with the help of two lovable cats. Check it out at:

IRULANNE, singer, voice actress and the leader of the fan club group Chorale Sailor Productions will not only be a guest, but will also perform her very first live concert here at Otakuthon! You can find some of her renditions of j-pop songs at her website,

CLAUDE J. PELLTIER is the founder and editor of Protoculture Addicts, the longest running anime and manga news magazine in North America. Protoculture Addicts covers the latest Anime series, anime-related products sold in Japan and North America, upcoming events and tidbits of everyday life in Japanese culture. Check their website:

CHRISTOPHER MACDONALD is the editor-in-chief of Anime News Network. His first real exposure to anime was Bubblegum Crisis which he saw in the summer of 1989. Over the years his interest in anime grew to the point that a casual interest in an anime website turned into a second job and then a full time job. Today Anime News Network is one of the most popular online Anime magazines, read daily by thousands of anime fans around the world.

YUME DREAM (Joany Dube-Leblanc) is an artist with a flair for intrigue and adventure. This passionate mangaka created the publishing house Quebec Manga, which gives a soapbox to Quebec manga artists for their work. Currently she is producing Yume Dream magazine, of which you can see samples of current works here:

SARA E. MAYHEW (or SEM) is a proud Canadian mangaka; writer and artist behind Ztarr Manga Studio’s titles. She was awarded the International Anime and Manga Festival’s “Best Teen Comic” award for her first series Secrets of Sorcerors: Lela, Death & Rebirth. Her current works, Secrets of Sorcerors and Love Pet, can be found here:

EMRU TOWNSEND, animation’s Renaissance man, is the founding editor of fps magazine. Come listen to his Unified Animation Theory, which connects Japanese and American animation styles and the art of anime with commercial industry demands.

TAMU TOWNSEND is fps’ publicist and marketing/sponsorship coordinator. She eats anime for breakfast, lunch and supper. She is often mistaken for a cartoon character and is the long-suffering sibling of Emru.

Both Emru and Tamu’s work can be found at

DELPHINE LEVESQUE DEMERS is a self-taught visual artist with a detailed style specializing in fairies, horror, and anything gothic. A described anime and asian horror junkie, many of her products are exclusively sold in Hot Topic stores.

BOXED RICE PRODUCTIONS is a talented cosplay (costumer-play) group situated in the Toronto area participating in masquerade performances at a variety of anime conventions. One of their most popular skits was “Ten Commandments of Anime Conventions” at Anime North 2004’s skit contest. Pictures and articles from their previous conventions are here:

About Otakuthon:
Otakuthon is Montreal's premiere fan-ran anime convention to be held on Saturday June 10 and Sunday June 11, 2006 in the Henry F. Hall building of Concordia University, located in the heart of downtown Montreal. Organized by the Otaku Anime of Concordia University club, Otakuthon will host many activities and events that will feature Anime, Manga, video games, artwork, Japanese culture, and special guests. For more infomation check our website: