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May 26, 2006

News for Anime Expo 2006:

Anime Expo announces 8th guest of honor

Koge-Donbo To Join Others as Official Guest of Honor

Anaheim, California (May 26, 2006) -- Anime Expo® 2006 (AX2006) and Broccoli Co., Ltd. announce the attendance of Koge-Donbo to the 15th year anniversary convention at the Anaheim Convention Center July 1-4, 2006. More information is available at

Koge-Donbo will be unveiling an exclusive world premiere of a new DI GI CHARAT anime to be released later this year at the DI GI CHARAT panel (details of the panel are TBD).

Koge-Donbo is one of the most popular illustrators, manga artists and character designers in Japan. Her claim to fame is creating DI GI CHARAT, whose popularity spawned a line of character merchandise, anime, manga and video games. She also drew the manga PITA-TEN which inspired an anime version of the same title. Her other works include character designs for SNOW FAIRY SUGAR and PRINCESS CONCERTO. Her manga works include DI GI CHARAT, DEJIKO'S CHAMPION CUP, DEJIKO DA NYO, PITA-TEN, KAMICHAMA KARIN and YOKI KOTO KIKU. She is currently working on KON KON KOKON, which is a story about a little fox girl who tries to help a country bumpkin become the coolest guy in his school.

Ms. Donbo joins, previously announced, CLAMP, Seiji Mizushima, Vic Mignogna, Laura Bailey, Mick Takeuchi, Yutaka Izubuchi and Tomoki Kyoda as Anime Expo® 2006 official Guests of Honor.

Individuals can now register via online ( for Anime Expo® 2006. All attendees that register prior to June 1, 2006 will be automatically placed into the 2nd Annual Pre-Registration Contest to win DVD's, Posters and other amazing prizes.

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