Press Releases

November 20, 2006

News for Otaku University 2007:

Otaku University announces $1,000 grant

Phoenix, AZ - Otaku University Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of mail-in registration for the three day conference. In celebration of the event, everyone who registers for the conference will be automatically entered for a chance to win the 'Registration for Education' $1,000 grant. The 'Registration of Education' grant is a flexible cash prize that can be used for buying better educational and career oriented equipment or tuition.

Otaku University Inc. is also excited to add Seobon to its preliminary list of guest professors. Seobon is an independent music composer who utilizes an electronic synthesizer to create original pieces in multiple styles. He will be focusing his classes on musical composition and the process of developing yourself as an independent artist within the music industry.

For additional information about these announcements and more, please visit the new official Otaku University website:

Otaku University
September 28-30
Mesa Convention Center