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September 19, 2002

News for Anime Boston 2003:

Additional Guests Announced for Anime Boston 2003

From New England Anime Society

The New England Anime Society, Inc. and, joint sponsors of Anime Boston 2003, are proud to announce that the following guests will be appearing at Anime Boston 2003:

MIYU Porando (no) Musume is the name of the duo that was created from the initiative of the parents of the sisters Kate and Eve Bronowski. The girls made their debut in 1998 on the first Sailor Moon Day in Warsaw, where they were a hit with the audience of manga and anime fans from Poland. The band has given several other appearances at concerts in Poland, such as Cosmic Manga I, Cosmic Manga II, Cosmic Manga III Prologue, the second Sailor Moon Day, the third Sailor Moon Day, First Impact, and Mega Manga Christmas Party...not to mention their Child's Day and Christmas concerts. They all paved the way to record to the first single.

Their first European-scale debut took place at Animagic 2000 in Koblenz, Germany where Miyu makes an annual appearance. Next was Bonenkai in Karlsruhe and then Connichi in Ludwigshafen. The girls found their greatest success in concert with Yoko Kanno, the composer of music from anime such as Record of Lodoss War, Escaflowne, and Cowboy Bebop.

In Miyu's repertoire you'll find some of anime's best music, including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002, Sailor Moon, Record of Lodoss War, Himiko-den, Slayers, Noir, Mononoke Hime, Ghost in the Shell, Vision of Escaflowne, Macross, Ojamajo Doremi, Ah! My Goddess, Maho Tsukai Tai (Magic User's Club), Neo Ranga, Weiß Kreuz (Knight Hunters), Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, Kaitou Saint Tail, Kodomo no Omocha, Romeo no Aoi Sora (Romeo's Blue Sky), Strange Dawn, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Tenchi Muyo, Ayashi No Ceres, Angel Links, and Inu-Yasha. Their J-Pop/ J-Rock repertoire includes Utada Hikaru, Boa, Kuraki Mai, X Japan, Ayumi Hamasaki, Morning Musume, Max, Kiroro, Two Mix, and Maaya Sakamoto. Their repertoire also includes music from games such as Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy X. They also sing Japanese versions of "Barairo No Hibi" (a Japanese version of "Larger Than Life"), "Country Roads", "Hakuna Matata", "Smooth", and many more. The girls' best repertoire and interpretations can be found on their CD which will be released soon.

Miyu will be making their North American debut at Anime Boston 2003. Visit Miyu's web site (which is currently under redesign) at

Mark C. MacKinnon is the president of Guardians Of Order. His writing and publication credits include Toying With Destruction, Big Eyes, Small Mouth, the Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book, Tenchi Universe and co-writer of Silver Age Sentinels. Mark also served as Lead Designer for Dart Flipcard's Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game.

Guardians Of Order, Inc. is a small game publishing company headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Founded in early 1996 by Mark C. MacKinnon, Guardians Of Order is dedicated to publishing quality games that stress entertainment and playability over complex rule mechanics.

Robert DeJesus is an Indiana born, self-taught artist. In 1990, he got his first art career break when he sent an eight page short story to Antarctic Press' anthology, Mangazine. From that, he was asked to work on other assorted AP comics, such as Ninja High School, Mangazine, Not Ninja High School, Again and SB Ninja High School.
After working for Antarctic Press for about four years, Robert went on to do freelance work. He teamed with other artists such as Adam Warren on Bubblegum Crisis and Dirty Pair, Phil Foglio's Xxxenophile card game, and co-produced a portfolio 'zine with Steve Bennett. His art has also attracted invitation by Japanese artists Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats, Riding Bean) and KoKoMai (character designer for Japan's PlayStation, Crime Crackers) to do work for their own personal dojinishi circles.
Robert's biggest claim to fame has to be designing Banzai Chibi Chan, the mascot for PlayStation Magazine, 100% Independent. He recently worked on two childrens books based on Spiderman, released on the weekend of the movie debut.
Robert and his wife, Emily, have started their own company, Studio Capsule. Capsule will be involve in creating a line of underground doujinshis, animations, portfolios and other sorts of memoriblia. Find out everthing that's new with either Studio Capsule or Robert DeJesus at

Anime Boston 2003 is a three-day Japanese animation convention that will be held April 18-20, 2003 at the historic Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. Anime Boston's diverse programming schedule includes a masquerade contest, game shows, music video contest, art show, role-playing games, karaoke and more. Panel programming consists of fan panels as well as panels hosted by our guests of honor and industry representatives. The video game program brings to attendees the Game Dungeon, filled with the latest in console gaming hardware. The video programming track has video rooms open until the early morning hours showing videos from the past, present and future. Additionally, Anime Boston's large dealers' room has already been completely booked up by vendors who will be selling anime related merchandise.

The official convention hotel is the historic Boston Park Plaza Hotel, located right in the heart of beautiful downtown Boston. The New England Anime Society has negotiated a special room rate for the convention at $119.00 per night. This rate applies for either a single or a double room. Reservations can be made by calling the Boston Park Plaza central reservations office toll-free (1-800-225-2008) or directly through The Boston Park Plaza reservation line (1-617-426-2600). You must mention Anime Boston to get the discount. A three-day pass for Anime Boston is $30.00 with registration before October 13, 2002. Registration forms are available at the official convention web site:

The New England Anime Society, Inc. ( is a New England based non-profit organization dedicated to furthering public education and understanding of the Japanese language and culture through written and visual media. is the leading Internet resource for Japanese animation on DVD.