Press Releases

March 3, 2008

News for FITcon 2008:

FITcon returns for a third year to the Florida Institute of Technology

MELBOURNE, FL, MARCH 3, 2008: The Anime Club at Florida Tech is proud to present FITcon - "Florida's biggest little anime convention" the weekend of March 14-18, 2008 on the campus of the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. This will be the club's third convention at F.I.T. in five years.

This year's guests include:

MICHELLE KNOTZ - Born in New Jersey, she studied acting at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania before transferring to study television and radio production at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Knotz was the winner of the 2003 Anime Idol voice acting contest held at the now defunct Big Apple Anime Fest convention in New York City and debuted in the role of Hajime Yagi in The World of Narue. As of 2007, she plays Team Rocket's Jessie as well as the voices of Misty, May, Nurse Joy and Ash Ketchum's mother Delia in the Pokémon USA/TAJ Productions English dub of the Pokémon anime meta series. This is Michelle's first appearance in Florida!

AARON PABON - (From Aaron's MySpace) "Unlike many comics doing there stand up at comic venues and clubs, I do mine at comic book cons, anime cons, or venues of that matter. I mostly did stand up in high school making fun of my high school and doing smalltime stand up on the amateur circuit. The reason for only doing conventions was that one day I said to my self "I've never seen comedians at cons" and then a year later I was making fun of Narutards and my experiences at conventions and I made a last minute debut at Yasumicon. And that's the story."

JOEY SNACKPANTS - (From "The pilot of the greatest robot of our time - Snackforce Prime! Lead guitarist and front man for the glam/emo/punk band Snackforce 5!!! Popular internet anime blogger! Extreme sports star! Jungle Cruise Skipper! Polarizing opinionated popular culture pundit! Joey Snackpants, Esq. is all this... and so much more. What began as hobby in the 80's has gotten him thrown out of college "Jeopardy!" try outs, lambasted in both print and digital media, called a raving lunatic as well as a modern day Socrates Johnson and given him a soapbox at events from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Now through the magical power of the tubes (known to many as 'the internet') he brings his insight to you as only he can! Agree or disagree; love or hate; Kirk or Picard; Batman or Superman; Macross or Gundam; he's here, he's got a podcast, and he's not afraid to use it!"

FITcon also has plans for all the staple events of the larger anime conventions, but on a smaller scale. This includes an anime music video contest, cosplay contest, panels, and a dance party. A single day pass to the event is $10, with weekend passes gong for $25. For more details, please visit the conventions official website at