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March 14, 2008

News for Sakura-Con 2008:

Ali Project to perform 'Kotodama' at Sakura-Con

Seattle, WA- 3-13-2008 ALI PROJECT's live oversees debut at Sakura-Con 2008 just became an even more "once in a lifetime opportunity" with the support of Bandai Visual. ALI PROJECT's much anticipated first US concert , happening Saturday March 29th at 2:30 pm, will include a performance of their latest single 'Kotodama,' the theme song to a new anime series Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed.

Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed comes from a dream team of highly acclaimed anime creators including Tatsuo Sato (Stellvia, Nadesico), Ichirou Ohkouchi (Code Geass, Planetes) and Kouhaku Kuroboshi (Kino's Journey). The story follows Fumika, a not-so-ordinary mail messenger who delivers not-so-ordinary letters, which Shota, a 16-year-old rocket enthusiast, soon discovers when Fumika and her talking staff Kanaka suddenly appear on his rooftop workshop to deliver a letter from the father of his friend (and love interest), Asuna. However, Asuna's dad was dead when he wrote it...

Attendees of Sakura-Con 2008 will be the first to see this wonderful series. A promotional video clip from the anime will be shown at the live concert. The international premier of the first two episodes of Shigofumi will take place Saturday March 29th at 6:30 pm in the première room (panel room 1).

Furthermore, the 'Kotodama' CD will be available for purchase at the ALI PROJECT autograph sessions and after the concert.

Sakura-Con 2008 will be at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, in Seattle, Washington, March 28th through March 30th 2008.

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