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April 3, 2008

News for Providence Anime Conference 2008:

Providence Anime Conference announces two new guests and the commencement of online registration

Boston, April 2, 2008: On October 3 – 5, 2008, Rhode Island will receive its first anime convention when the Providence Anime Conference (PAC) makes its debut at Providence's Rhode Island Convention Center. Open only to attendees 21 and over, PAC features anime screenings, live events and programming in a friendly environment that welcomes anime fans and professionals alike. PAC is proud to announce two of those professionals as its latest official guests: Adam Sheehan, Senior Events Manager at FUNimation, and David Williams, ADR Director at ADV Films. Together with previously announced guest Kevin McKeever of Harmony Gold and the Robotech Convention Tour, these anime veterans represent a wealth of experience--and of fascinating stories from inside the industry.

"PAC attendees are going to enjoy the perspectives that Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Williams bring to our conference," said PAC vice chairman Mara Karapetian. "Both gentlemen are recognizable faces to those who have attended anime conventions in the past few years, yet they each always have something fresh for the fans about the business of anime in North America and beyond."

PAC is also pleased to announce that online registration for PAC 2008 is now available at Attendance at PAC will be limited to just 2000 registered attendees; as an incentive to register early, the first 250 guests to register enjoy a reduced registration rate of $65. For registration and more details on pricing and membership, please visit

About Providence Anime Conference (PAC):
Providence Anime Conference is Rhode Island's first anime convention and designed exclusively for anime fans 21 and over. This limited admission event will be held in Providence's Rhode Island Convention Center from October 3 - 5, 2008, featuring anime screenings and unique live programming that includes academic, industry, and professional panels. Providence Anime Conference is a volunteer-run event organized by the non-profit New England Anime Society; for more information, please visit the Providence Anime Conference website at

About special guest Adam Sheehan (FUNimation):
Adam Sheehan, Senior Events Manager for FUNimation Entertainment, has made the leap from "anime fan" to a prominent position in the corporate side of the industry. He's often been the face of the company at conventions and events across the country, and has managed many anime properties in the United States, most notably Tenchi Muyo!, Basilisk, and Beck. He got his foot in the door as the Tour Manager for Score Entertainment and drove their custom-detailed Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game Hummer around the nation. Adam has managed to play incidental voices for Fullmetal Alchemist and Beck, even though he admits he "can't act his way out of a paper bag." Providence Anime Conference marks Adam's first appearance as a convention guest.

About special guest David Williams (ADV Films):
Serving as ADV Films' ADR Director, DVD Producer, and online representative, David Williams has produced numerous DVDs and his directing credits include Angelic Layer, Pretear, Najica, Dirty Pair, and the original Nuku Nuku OVAs. In addition to his credits, David has deep roots in the industry: an anime fan from before there was an anime industry in the U.S., he was with ADV films from the beginning when his living room was used as a production facility for their first show, Devil Hunter Yohko. A frequent presence on the anime convention circuit, he will be attending Providence Anime Conference as a guest.