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May 7, 2008

News for T-MODE 2008:

T-MODE 2008 announces musical lineup

DC Metro area anime and gaming convention teams up with Tokyo No Records to host four Japanese bands

Arlington, VA, (May 6, 2008) - T-MODE, the DC Metro area's newest anime and gaming convention, is celebrating its second year with an unprecedented line-up of Japanese musicians including Thee 50's High Teens, Gelatine, Sakura Madams, and Love etc.

"I was more than happy to lend a hand making this year's T-MODE a truly special event," says Eric Bresler, Operator of Tokyo No Records. "Last year's T-MODE marked The Captains' first appearance at a domestic anime convention and I am excited to introduce their label mates, Thee 50's High Teens, to U.S. audiences at this year's event." T-MODE will be the first stop on Thee 50's High Teens' "Punch De Beat U.S. Tour 2008" in support of their first domestic CD release "Punch De Beat" on Tokyo No Records.

The garage rock female fury of Thee 50's High Teens will be accompanied by a variety of New York City-based Japanese musicians: jazzy J-pop duo Love etc., power-funk outfit Sakura Madams, and horror-comical-freak core rockers Gelatine.

"I'm really excited to work with Erik and Tokyo No Records to bring more great bands to T-MODE. Last year's collaboration brought us the The Captains, and to have four more talented bands for 2008 is simply incredible," remarks Renee Fortune-Stuckey, Vice-Chairman of T-MODE. "Not only that, but T-MODE has recently suffered the loss of our Chairman and my husband, Lawrence Stuckey. We want to make this year's T-MODE an amazing event to honor Lawrence's memory and dream, and I think having four Japanese bands perform live on our stage will help us to achieve that goal."

T-MODE '08 will be held September 5-7, 2008 at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, VA. The T-MODE '08 roster includes 3 days of guests, musical performances, anime and cosplay events, and a complete line up of gaming excitement. Pre-registration is now open and additional information can be found at their website:

About T-MODE
T-MODE is an annual anime and gaming convention dedicated to the expansion of Asian culture and video gaming in the United States. Previously announced guests for 2008 include actor/director/musician Johnny Yong Bosch (Bleach, Trigun, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers); industry member Kevin McKeever (Robotech); and the first Maryland visual kei band, [geist]. This year's T-MODE is dedicated to the memory of T-MODE Founder and Chairman, Lawrence Stuckey.

About Tokyo No Records
Tokyo No Records is a Philadelphia-based independent record label dedicated to preserving the music of Japan's past and present for English speaking listeners. 2008 will see the release of Thee 50's High Teens first record, a new Captains record and Fall tour, and a special compilation featuring covers of classic Japanese rock songs.

About Thee 50's High Teens
Thee 50's High Teens are four beautifully furious girls from the Fukuoka prefecture of Kyushu (southwest Japan). Formed in 1998, the High Teens combine the sounds of 60s garage rock with 70s punk rock and top it off with matching Group Soundsinspired outfits. They are currently at the top of the indie scene in Japan and will be making their first trip to the U.S. this September.

About Gelatine
Gelatine have been frightening American audiences with their unique brand of horror-comical-freak core rock since 2000. Lead singer/songwriter Seiko's wide variety of influences include traditional Japanese pop, Japanese war songs, Japanese folk songs, old Japanese cartoon songs, traditional world children's songs, punk rock, and heavy metal. Her memorable on-stage performance has been called everything from "funny" to "scary" to just plain "sick." You have been warned.

About Sakura Madams
Sakura Madams' music represents the primal yet sensual vibes of Asian women as related through everyday experiences. The band is the funky brainchild of lead singer/songwriter/bass vixen Yukino who has lived in New York City for over 10 years and performed in such bands as Animallink and Kino. Their racy stage performances always deliver a funky good time to audiences of all backgrounds.

About Love etc.
Formed in 2005 by Yasuyo and Tsubasa, Love etc. combines classical mentality, the warmth of Japanese pop, soulful jazz, ambient sounds and marvelous hooks. Yasuyo (Lead Vocals) began singing in a local choir at age 7 and continued singing throughout her teenage years in the choir and in a local pop band. Tsubasa (Piano) began studying classical piano at age 4 in Japan and wrote her first composition at age 5.